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Special Education Math Co-Teacher 2024-2025

Home Careers Special Education Math Co-Teacher 2024-2025
Submitted: February 1
Closing: none


Tami Cummings
HR Director

Location Lakes International Language Academy
19850 Fenway Ave. N.
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Categories Licensed
Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Required
Work Commitment Full-Time
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Job Description

Job Summary: The Special Education Math Co-Teacher will coordinate with the content co-teacher, other grade-level teachers, program specialists, coordinator, director and other staff to create an inclusive classroom. Work involves teaching subjects for students with educational, behavioral, hard of hearing, and/or physical impairment in the area of math. The Special Education Math Co-Teacher will work under the guidance of the Special Education Coordinator and Director of Special Education.
Essential Functions:
Provide differentiated instruction in Pre-Algebra, Algebra l, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, Consumer Math and/or Middle School Math.
Willing to split workload with co-teacher including planning, contacting home, correcting, and teaching.
Take initiative to join in small group discussions and ask students guiding questions to lead to possible solutions.
Able to perceive and address individual and small group behavioral concerns.
Develop appropriate methods for meeting and documenting educational objectives for each child.
Complete Special Education due process paperwork as needed.
Develop curriculum materials using engaging and age-appropriate instructional strategies.
Create a safe and welcoming classroom environment.
Incorporate hands-on learning activities into daily instruction.
Evaluate student performance through data collection.
Communicate closely and encourage parental involvement regarding program goals, classroom activities, homework, school functions and student progress.
Infuse international-mindedness into the curriculum on a continual basis.
Participate in regular planning and staff development activities.
Maintain knowledge of current and emerging trends, procedures and evaluation processes in special education.
Participate in professional development for language immersion, Responsive Classroom, and the International Baccalaureate Program.
In order for a candidate to be successful in an Algebra 2 classroom, the following math skills are needed:
State transformations from parent functions and find the domain and range of linear, absolute value, quadratic, exponential, and rational functions.
Graph quadratic functions from vertex, intercept, and standard form.
Factoring polynomials using the greatest common factor, trinomial patterns, AC method, factoring by grouping, and the difference of squares
Solving quadratic functions using square roots, factoring, quadratic formula, graphing, and completing the square.
Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials.
Graphing exponential and rational functions with and without a calculator.
Writing equations from verbal descriptions, solving equations, and assessing the reasonableness of solutions.
Solving complex probability problems using permutations, combinations, tree diagrams, formulas, and basic logic and reasoning.
Using normal distributions of a sample set to make broad conclusions about the population.
Ability to use the graphing calculator for a multitude of purposes including graphing functions, calculating regression equations, finding z-score values, and computing permutations and combinations.


Required Qualifications:
Must have a valid Minnesota Special Education and/or Math, grades 6-12 teaching license.
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in education or related field.
Experience teaching middle or high school math is preferred.
International Baccalaureate experience preferred.
Spanish and/or Mandarin Chinese language proficiency preferred, but not a must.
Physical Requirements:
This position requires vocal communication, hearing, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, reaching, standing, walking, sitting, pushing, pulling, use of hands to grasp and feel, and vision abilities including close, distance, and adjusting focus. Lifting/moving required frequently up to 25 pounds and occasionally up to 40 pounds or more. Work occasionally requires exposure to bloodborne pathogens and is generally in a moderately noisy location. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Institution Description

Travel: Teachers are provided opportunities to participate in training provided in the Twin Cities, across the U.S., and sometimes internationally in the areas of Language Immersion, International Baccalaureate, and Responsive Classroom or Developmental Designs. Occasional travel is required.
Work in a diverse culture: Many of our teachers were born in Mandarin and Spanish speaking countries. Nearly all have traveled extensively, with the large majority having lived in a Mandarin or Spanish speaking country for at least a semester.
Social functions: We usually start the school year with an overnight staff retreat in August, and have a January staff party with guests. Each Friday, various staff members offer well-attended gatherings around sports or exercise, including volleyball, football (soccer), kettlebells, or Zumba. Other social activities abound.
Professional Development: Lakes International provides professional development for new staff depending on needs and interest, but always including best practices of teachers in the International Baccalaureate programs and building a safe and inviting classroom climate for learning.
Career Track and Advancement: Many leadership positions are available to Lakes International teachers, depending on their interests, efforts, and expertise.
Grants to Teachers: The LILA Foundation frequently offers “Inquiry 360” grants to teachers to pursue enriching experiences that they can bring back to share in the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to pursue these experiences abroad. Inquiry 360 grants are competitive and are awarded in April for use the following summer.

Application Instructions/Comments

To apply, please send materials to:

Click the apply button to be taken to the application website.

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