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Middle School Social Studies

Home Careers Middle School Social Studies
Submitted: April 17
Closing: June 30


Dr. Elizabeth Sommerville
Director, Human Resources

Phone: 6126701604


Location Urban Academy Charter School
1668 Montreal Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55116
Categories Licensed
Grades 6, 7, 8
Minnesota Teacher's License Required
Work Commitment Full-Time
To Apply

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

Job Description

Reports to: Principal

The purpose of this position is to develop lesson plans and provide materials; conducts instruction, and evaluates and assesses both instructional materials and student performance. The teacher meets with parents, interprets students’ progress, and informs parents/guardians about student strengths, weaknesses, and progress.

Plans instruction and other student support activities as follows:
Establishes curriculum plan, as applicable to the teacher’s particular assignment and consistent with District standards and objectives and needs and abilities of student
Consistent with District and State curriculum and assessment
Reviews, selects, and modifies materials and resources to carry out the curriculum plan.

2. Provides instruction to students in a manner, which incorporates best teaching practices:
· Develop daily lesson plans
· Teaches to an outcome
· Selects objectives at the correct level of difficulty
· Monitors student learning and adjusts teaching
· Uses principles of learning in an appropriate manner
· Has knowledge of performance assessments, checklists, and rubrics and correct use there of
· Has appropriate classroom management, human relations, questioning, and planning skills
· Has skills in inclusivity, diversity and differentiated strategies
· Has knowledge of child growth, development, and learning
· Develops instructional strategies to maximize student participation
· Provides an honest, respectful, caring, and safe environment for students

3. Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with students in the classroom, on school premises, and/or in school activities:
· Communicates expectations for appropriate behavior
· Encourages student responsibility, cooperation, and respect for self, others and property
· Adheres to district policies, procedures and legal requirements
· Helps students develop ability to prevent or solve conflicts

4. Communicates effectively with parents through conferences, written documents, telephone, and other forms of communications

5. Maintains effective working relationships with staff and service providers to meet the needs of students; Ability to work in teams on a collaborative basis

6. Collaborates with service providers regarding the needs of students. Communicates accurately and constructively while preserving confidentiality

7. Uses student assessment and evaluation to:
· Assess student work to guide instruction
· Evaluate student work to determine student progress and grades
· Report student progress to student and parents
· Identify and implement appropriate instructional strategies to meet the needs of learners

8. Possesses current knowledge of support services and subjects taught:
· Demonstrates an understanding of the integration of subject and support services
· Maintains professional competency in assigned subject areas

9. Continually identifies professional development needs; plans and pursues strategies to meet those needs

10. Maintains records according to district policy and procedures:
· Maintains necessary records according to legal and District requirements
· Uses records to obtain and provide accurate information
· Maintains confidentiality of information

11. Other job related confidentiality of information

12. Perform other job related duties as assigned


Must be licensed at time of application
2 years of experience

Institution Description

Urban Academy provides a quality education for urban students in grades PreK - 8. We believe that education plays a critical role in developing creative and responsible human beings. Children have an innate ability to learn. When nurtured and taught in an environment that respects their unique culture, abilities, resiliency, and effort, they awaken the desire to learn. Ready and willing to be taught, children grow and flourish as creative citizens, able to make their own distinctive contribution to society.

Urban Academy believes in a strong partnership with the student’s home and community in which they reside. Every student is to be understood holistically, by understanding the student’s academic abilities, social and personal life, which impacts their academics and behavior. Our Dean of Students is a resource to the parents by providing them resources that they need so that they can support their children at home.

Please visit us at:

Application Instructions/Comments

To apply:

Send the following to Dr. Elizabeth Sommerville (

* Cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for our students and community
* Copy of MN Teaching License
* 3 Professional references with contact information

Please Note: All materials must be submitted. Incomplete packets are not able to be considered.

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

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