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1 FTE Special Education Services Teacher

Home Careers 1 FTE Special Education Services Teacher
Submitted: July 8
Closing: August 8


Andrea Krause
Assistant Director

Phone: 615-649-5403


Location Jennings Community School
2455 University Avenue W.
St. Paul, MN 55114
Categories Licensed
Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Health Insurance Included
Minnesota Teacher's License Required
Salary Range Commensurate with Experience
Work Commitment Full-Time
To Apply

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

Job Description


*This teacher provides special education services only, there will be no due process paperwork.

- Adapt and modify instructional materials, resources, and assessments to meet the diverse learning styles and abilities of our students.
- Co-teach seminars with general education advisors
- Participate in staff meetings, professional development opportunities, and other school- wide initiatives to enhance professional growth and contribute to a positive school culture.
- Provide direct and indirect service to students as outlined in their annual IEP and/or contingent learning plan
- Meet with students on your caseload frequently both in and out of classes to assess progress
- Aid students in creating academic and non-academic short and long-term goals
- Work with students to develop project and time management skills
- Work with students to develop self-control and self-advocacy
- Advise students about classes, projects, and school/state requirements
- Encourage appropriate behavior, communication and conflict resolution
- Develop and maintain positive relationships with special education and non-special education students
- Supervise and coordinate services provided to special education students by working with the school’s social worker, psychologist, and educational assistants
- Attend and participate in weekly school meetings
- Support other advisors


Current MN teaching license in special education
Knowledge of best practices, instructional strategies, classroom management and behavior management
Demonstrates excellent interpersonal and communication skills with colleagues, students, and families
Can establish rapport and trusting relationships with people from diverse identities and cultural backgrounds.
*This teacher provides special education services only, there will be no due process paperwork.

Institution Description

Jennings Community School (JCS) is known as an exemplary, progressive, urban, community-based school that serves a high percentage of at-risk youth and fosters achievement for responsible citizenship, productive work, lifelong learning, and creative, healthy lifetimes. The culture of JCS embraces trust, respect, caring, relationships, and student-driven learning.
The school environment is innovative and non-traditional with extensive experiential out-of-class learning, including annual educational trips. Students start from a place of personal interest then develop projects with individual guidance from advisors licensed in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and more. An advisor working with each student and their parent(s), guardian(s), or invested adult(s) creates a personal learning plan to advance each student. JCS teachers see themselves as “facilitators of learning” in helping students be responsible citizens, achieve fulfilling careers, become self-directed, lead healthy lives and become lifelong learners. With experiential learning, everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher. JCS offers a work-based learning program helping students earn credits through job skill development.

Application Instructions/Comments

If interested, please send resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation to Andrea,

To apply for this job, please contact the person listed.

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