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Awards are given in recognition of achievements, accomplishments, or excellence in a particular field of endeavor. Over the last decade as part of the Association’s strategic initiatives the board of directors has established six different awards.

The Pioneer Award – is designed to recognize individuals who have done pioneering work the Minnesota’s charter school movement

The Innovation Award – is designed to recognize achievements in the five areas defined as the purposes of chartered public schools in MN Statute 

The Charter School Leader Award – is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated ongoing educational and organizational leadership, professionalism, innovation, and community engagement.   

The School Milestone Award – is designed to recognize schools who have reached milestones in their success and longevity.

The Board Governance Award –  is designed to recognize charter school boards who have in place the documents, policies, practices, and procedures which provide the foundation for effective governance of a public chartered school.

The Charter School Champion Award – is designed to acknowledge and honor public officials who have played an important role in advancing or defending the principles of innovative education and the charter school law, and/or standing up for the rights of charter school students and families, teachers, students, and the charter school movement in Minnesota.

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