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Chartered public schools, like traditional public schools must provide certain student services and programs, (i.e. – ELL/ESL, Special Education, etc.) to enhance the school’s instructional programs and a student’s learning experience. There are numerous Required Services and Programs that All PUBLIC SCHOOLS MUST PROVIDE

Here is a list of some of the Required Services and Programs All Chartered Public Schools MUST PROVIDE:

  • ELL/ESL Programs – English Language Learners/ English as Second Language Programs for up to seven years to assist students to become proficient in the English language
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION Services – Services for students with learning, behavioral or medical conditions that have been assessed through the
  • SAFE SCHOOLS Programs – Curriculum and intervention practices to create safe learning environments, teaching social skills, and a positive school climate
  • TRANSPORTATION Services - Charter schools have options on how to provide transportation services to and from schools. 

There are also student services and programs that schools may offer, but are not required to provide, (i.e. – extracurricular activities, pre-k program, etc.)

Here is a list of some of the Non-Required Services and Programs Chartered Public Schools MAY or MAY NOT OFFER:

  • FOOD & NUTRITION Services – School breakfast, lunch, snack and/or milk programs.
  • EXTRA-CURRICULAR Programs – Sports, Academic Competitions, etc.
  • BEFORE & AFTER-SCHOOLS PROGRAMS -  Enrichment, extra study & tutoring, or recreational programs
  • PRE-K Programs – Programs for 3 and/or 4 year olds

Given that every chartered public school can make their own decisions on whether to offer non-required programs or services, one needs to check with the individual school for what non-required programs and services it offers.

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