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Effective January 1st, 2024, only PELSB-approved Cultural Competency trainings will be accepted by the MACS Relicensure Committee. Trainings that are not on the list of PELSB-approved trainings will not be approved for relicensure.

Teacher & Administrator Licenses/Renewals

All Minnesota charter school and authorizing institution personnel can access the services of the Association's Relicensure Committee.

  • Charter School Teachers

    All teachers must have a valid, current Minnesota license in order to teach in a Minnesota charter school. Every teacher is responsible to maintain and renew their professional license according to state rules and submit their renewal hours to a relicensure committee for approval. The Committee only reviews and approves hours for Tier 3 and Tier 4 licenses.

  • Charter School Administrators

    Minnesota charter school administrators are not required to hold an administrative license. However, an individual with an administrator license is responsible for renew their professional license every five years with clock hours pre-approved by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators.

Relicensure Application Review Fees:

For the MACS Relicensure Committee to review incoming relicensure submissions, applicants are required to submit payment along with their submission.

  • $35.00 - Individuals employed in a MACS Member school
  • $35.00 - Individuals who retired from a MACS Member school within the last year
  • $55.00 - Individuals employed in Non-Member charter schools
  • $55.00 - Teachers whose last place of employment in Minnesota was at a charter school
  • $100.00 (Late Fee) - For applications received after the final submission deadline (in addition to the Review Fee)

    *Please note that these are MACS' Relicensure Application Review Fees. PELSB also has their own processing fee.

Please make your Relicensure Application Review Fee payment here:


Check out our pages below. These include information on the (A) MACS Relicensure Committee, (B) meeting dates and submission deadlines, (B) the Committee's review process, (C) submission forms and requirements, and a list of (D) frequently asked questions.

If you still have questions, please contact
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