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Grandview Academy

City: St. Cloud

Grades: PreK-12

Authorizer: Minnesota Office of Charter Authorizing (MOChA)

Heartland Lakes Community School Logo Heartland Lakes Community School

City: Park Rapids

Programmatic Focus: An emphasis on outdoor learning by using the environment with which we live and learn by utilizing both structured and unstructured outdoor learning spaces; we intend to be an expeditionary learning school where students work together on a specific project throughout the school year to achieve a common goal; HLCS will be a community school with smaller class sizes which will lead to more individualized attention and care.

Authorizer: Volunteers of America - Minnesota (VOA)

Irrawaddy Academy Logo Irrawaddy Academy

City: St. Paul

Grades: PreK-12

Authorizer: Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)

Midtown Middle School

City: Minneapolis

Grades: 6-8

Authorizer: Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)

Sisu Environmental School Logo Sisu Environmental School

City: Washington County

Grades: K-8

Programmatic Focus: "Finnesota" - A Finnish-style education for Minnesota kids/environmental education

Authorizer: Innovative Quality Schools

St. Cloud Social Justice Academy Logo St. Cloud Social Justice Academy

City: Waite Park

Grades: K-8

Authorizer: Osprey Wilds

STEM Micro School

City: Twin Cities

Grades: K-8

Authorizer: Osprey Wilds

United Academy of Excellence and Leadership

City: Brooklyn Park

Grades: K-8

Authorizer: Osprey Wilds

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