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Malloy, Montague, Karnowski, Radosevich, & Company, P.A. (MMKR)

Home Directory Malloy, Montague, Karnowski, Radosevich, & Company, P.A. (MMKR)
Street Address 5353 Wayzata Boulevard
Suite 410
Minneapolis, MN 55416
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Phone 952-545-0424

The financial management of charter schools has never been a more challenging or critical task than it is today. The growing complexity of reporting and compliance issues, a heightened demand for public accountability, and the constant budgetary pressure to do more with less, have significantly increased the demands on charter school business officials. To effectively address these issues, it's important to have a professional relationship with an accounting firm that offers expert services dedicated to this complex field.

Since our inception, MMKR has specialized in serving the charter school community. This experience provides us with a thorough understanding of this unique environment, and assures that our clients receive expert solutions that consider the latest developments in charter school accounting and legislation. Our partners and staff have the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to deliver high quality services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In addition to traditional audit and accounting services, MMKR offers a wide range of customized services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our charter school clients including Internal Revenue Service reporting, revenue projections, and budget development and review.


Jim Eichten, Managing Partner

(952) 545-0424

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