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Chisago Lakes Public Schools

Home Directory Chisago Lakes Public Schools
Street Address 29678 Karmel Ave
Chisago City, MN 55013
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Phone 612-213-2000
Authorized Schools TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School

Note: Chisago Lakes Public Schools will only authorize charter schools that are located within the school district boundaries. If a new charter school wishes to locate within the school district boundaries, they can apply for authorization. 

FY21 Income and Expenditures:

Total Income Reported: $19,101.40

Total Expenditures Reported: $21,588.96

Net: -$2,487.26

FY 20 Net: $8,369.26




To provide an educational opportunity within the borders of the Chisago Lakes School District that offers students unique, high quality, and personalized educational opportunities that are not inherently found in the Chisago Lakes School District offerings.


Approved as an Authorizer in December, 2010.

Charter Schools Liaison

Sarah Schmidt


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