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Hmong College Prep Academy

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Hmong College Prep Academy
Street Address 1515 Brewster Street
St. Paul, MN 55108
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Phone 651-209-8002
Grades Served K-12
Enrollment # 2406
District # 4103
Congressional District 4th
Legislative District 66A
Authorizer Novation Education Opportunities (NEO)

Programmatic Focus

College Prep


Hmong College Prep Academy's mission is to provide the best integrated, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience to students in grades K-12.

HCPA will accomplish its mission at all grade levels via adhering to its core values:

Leverage the strong relationships developed with its families, community leaders and partnering organizations.
Ensure that Hmong-based leadership and strategic direction is present within all organizational levels.
Mold engaged citizens who have a global perspective on how they fit in the world through academic exploration, celebrations (World Culture Day) and community outreach.
Provide a public school learning environment that is unintimidating, structured and safe.
Develop and nurture pride within the rich heritage of Hmong culture through language literacy, the arts, traditional food and values.
Instill a philosophy that the learning process is challenging, interactive and fun. Integrate the concept and reality of college through fun activities (C3 Power Days), coursework, and mentorships.
Foster a social environment that develops trust, respect, friendships and self-discovery within our students.
Empower a passionate and caring instructional staff to motivate HCPA students to do their best.
Encourage students' participation in an appealing, well-rounded and diverse array of activities.

The result: HCPA graduates will be rich in experiences, culture, knowledge & pride and ready for the challenges of college and beyond.


Opened Fall, 2004

Awards & Recognition

2016: School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Education
2006-2011: School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Educatio

2010: "One of the top high schools in the US", US News and World Report


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Danijela Duvnjak, Chief Academic Officer


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