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Birch Grove Community School

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Street Address 9 Good Neighbor Hill Rd Ste. B
P.O. Box 2383
Tofte, MN 55615
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Phone 218-663-0170
Grades Served PreK-5
Enrollment # 42
District # 4145
Congressional District 8
Legislative District 3A
Authorizer Volunteers of America - Minnesota (VOA)

Programmatic Focus

Core knowledge, multi-grade, environment


Birch Grove Community School will promote academic excellence utilizing our unique natural setting to prepare students to become socially and environmentally responsible, self-directed, life-long learners.


Opened 2005

Awards & Recognition

"Minnesota Department of Education Finance Award“ ~ 13 times!
“Excellence in Finance Management And Oversight Award” VOA MN
“Student Growth and Achievement Award” Northwest Evaluation Association
"Award of Excellence in School Board Governance" VOA of MN
2006: School Finance Award - Minnesota Department of Education


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Diane Blanchette

(218) 663-0170

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