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Kraus-Anderson Insurance

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Street Address 420 Gateway Blvd
Burnsville, MN 55033
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Kraus-Anderson Insurance provides an array of insurance and risk management services; human resources management, employee benefit programs, Director and Officers Insurance, workers compensation and property casualty. We are here to protect your greatest assets with services to mitigate the school’s risk, which will allow the school to focus on what they do best!
As the complexity for regulatory and compliance surrounding the school’s insurance programs. We continue to invest in developing insurance packages and nurturing intellectual capital around employee benefits to provide our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to continue to attract and retain outstanding talent.
By establishing the essential functions within a charter school and implementing systems for evaluating qualifications and performance, schools can make more informed decisions, reduce the potential for error, and improve their overall culture.


Jenny Wiederholt-Pine


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