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C. Submission Requirements & Forms

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Teacher & Administrator License Requirements

In accordance with the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board's (PELSB) rules and guidelines, the MACS Relicensure Committee only deals with Tier 3 and Tier 4 teacher and administrator licenses.

  • Tier 3 License

    • Three (3) Year License with Unlimited Renewals

    • 75 Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • Tier 4 License

    • Five (5) Year Standard License

    • 125 Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • Administrative License

    • Five (5) Year Standard License

    • 125 Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

      Pre-approved by the Board of School Administrators (BOSA)

Relicensure Approval Requirements

In order to receive relicensure approval from our Committee, applicants are required to submit a minimum number of CEU hours based on their license. Applicants seeking to renew a teaching license are also required to submit CEUs which meet specific requirement areas.

  • Hour Requirements

    • Tier 3 License: 75 Hours
    • Tier 4 License: 125 Hours
    • Administrative License: 125 Hours
      Pre-approved by the Board of School Administrators (BOSA)

  • Specific Requirement Areas

    • English Learner Needs (1 Hour)
      Content must be specifically related to teaching English Learners

    • Mental Health (1 Hour)
      During their first renewal period, applicants must take the "Key Warning Signs of Early Onset Mental Illness in Youth and Adolescents" training (MN Statute 122A.187)

    • Suicide Prevention (1 Hour)

    • Positive Behavior Intervention (1 Hour)

    • Accommodation, Modification & Adaptation of Curriculum (1 Hour)

    • Reading (1 Hour)
      Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses and SLPs are exempt from this requirement

    • Cultural Competency (5 Hours)
      Applicants are required to complete a PELSB-approved course to fulfill this requirement (MN Rule 8710.0310 Sub. 1D) - the course must include all of the following topics:

      • Racial, Cultural & Socioeconomic Groups

      • American Indian / Alaskan Native Students

      • Religion

      • Systemic Racism

      • Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (including transgender students)

      • Language Diversity

      • Disabilities & Mental Health Concerns

If you have any questions regarding hour requirements or specific requirement areas, please contact

Required Submission Materials

The following materials are required as part of your submission to the Relicensure Committee. All items must be submitted via email (as one single PDF file) to or via fax (as one complete fax) to 651-789-3093.

Materials must be in the order listed below for your file to be reviewed by the Committee:

  • Relicensure Submission Cover Sheet
  • Copy of Current License
  • License History (under License Lookup, enter your file folder number and click "Details")
  • Relicensure Master Record Form
  • CEU Documentation

Once your relicensure application materials have been submitted electronically, please submit your Relicensure Application Review Fee payment on our webpage here.

Tips to Make Relicensure Go Smoothly

  • Make sure all CEUs have your name on them
  • Put CEUs in the order they are listed on your Master Record Form
  • If you have pre-approved hours from an outside committee, provide documentation so that our Committee knows what's left to review
  • Our Committee is made up of volunteer teachers and administrators - they only review applications on scheduled meeting days
  • The MACS office processes applications but cannot review them - official review can only be done by the Committee
  • See our FAQ page for more information

Surrendering a License

According to MN rules, if you plan to surrender one of your licenses, you must do so by December 31st of the year prior to your license expiration or you will be required to renew all of your licenses by June 30th. Contact PESLB for information on the process of voluntarily surrendering a license.

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