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Natural Science Academy - Increased Learning Opportunities For All Students

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Natural Science Academy fosters an early start to science literacy by providing students with high quality, daily, science instruction beginning in kindergarten. NSA’s program is guided by early adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards. The NGSS highlights the importance of science education in the earliest grades so children acquire and build knowledge to lay the foundation for a progression of science learning that empowers them to participate in an increasingly scientific and technological world. 

National Science Teachers Association states: "inquiry science must be a basic in the daily curriculum of every elementary school student at every grade level.” The NGSS makes authentic science learning accessible to the youngest learner by focusing on developmentally appropriate core ideas in science on a continuum. Children build science knowledge and understanding over time through the grades. NSA shares this conviction and is committed to giving its students an early start in science literacy. 

Seeking to replace outdated methodology of expensive, pre-packaged kits, educators at NSA began working to base the science program on authentic, inquiry-based science. An important part of this process was following the development of the Next Generation Science Standards and adopting them upon release in 2013. 

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