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2010 Charter School Champion - Senator Kathy Saltzman

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Senator Kathy Saltzman accepts 2010 Charter School Champion Award
Source MN Association of Charter Schools

The following is the citation that was read during the presentation of Sen. Saltzman's award:

"The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools is proud to recognize your leadership in authoring and championing Minnesota's '2nd Generation' Charter School Law in the Minnesota Senate.

Senator Kathy Saltzman, a strong proponent of ensuring that schools are effective, innovative and accountable, was a co-author of the Charter School Accountability and Innovation Act of 2009, which was the MACS charter school bill in the 2009 session. As chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Charter Schools, she immersed herself into the specifics and complexities of the full range of charter issues. As Subcommittee Chair, she was charged with bringing all of the charter school reform ideas (from MACS, MDE, the OLA, and even opponents) together into a coherent piece of legislation. In that capacity, she demonstrated not only a willingness to listen to varying viewpoints, but an openness and ability to find innovative and real solutions that addressed those various perspectives and positions. Throughout the legislative process (from committee hearings to the conference committee), she demonstrated leadership and integrity in crafting the Senate legislation that upheld the principles and goals of the original charter school law, despite facing intense political pressure from those who do not see the value or purpose charter schools in Minnesota's public education system.

So, on behalf of the members of the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools, it is an honor and privilege to call you, Senator Kathy Saltzman, a Charter School Champion."

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