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The Employment Process: From Recruitment to Hiring

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Employment Process Manual
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As part of our efforts to connect our schools with resources and ideas, the MACS Human Resource Management Committee and MACS staff and interns have worked to develop tools and guides to help charter schools with various human resource management issues, with the eventual goal of compiling a complete Charter School Human Resource Manual.

The first released section is a full color guide to "The Employment Process - From Recruitment to Hiring." Intended for MACS Member School Directors, Business Managers, HR Managers, & Board Members, this resource includes step by step information on the process, along with an appendix full of sample tools, templates and guidebooks to assist schools in hiring staff.

Our thanks to the Former HR Committee members, to former interns Cheryl Williams and April Schmitz, and to Margaret Uttke, MACS staff, for their dedicated work on developing and writing the content, design and format for final publication.

You'll find the following for download:

  • The Employment Process: From Recruitment to Hiring
  • The Employment Process: Accompanying Appendix
  • The Employment Process: Recruitment Resource Guide

Accompanying Tools & Templates You Can Edit
We have also broken down a number of the Appendix materials into individual templates, samples and guides available in both pdf and Word format for electronic editing purposes (so that schools can tailor these materials for their own needs), including:


  • Employment Application
  • Job Postings
  • Interview Questions
  • Scripts for Conducting Reference Checks
  • I-9 Form (pdf version only)
  • W-4 Form (pdf version only)


  • Job Descriptions
  • Release of Information Consent Form
  • Acknowledgment of Application
  • Thank You Letter to Applicants Not Selected

Guides & Information

  • Skills Competency Wheel Developed by Microsoft
  • List & Examples of Illegal & Inappropriate Interview Questions
  • Skills-Set Tailored Interview Guide & Also Questions Designed by Microsoft
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