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2022-2025 Strategic Plan

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Mission: The MN Association of Charter Schools, as a membership organization, advocates for charter school policy issues, supports charter school innovation, quality and accountability, and facilitates cooperation in Minnesota’s charter school community to promote equitable opportunities and excellence in education for students.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic Outcome # 1: To be the recognized public policy voice of Minnesota’s charter school community.

GOAL 1.1.A – To develop & strengthen the knowledge, understanding, and skill set of charter school leaders and community members relating to public policy issues, legislative processes, and advocacy.

GOAL 1.1.B - To increase the participation of charter school boards, administrators, teachers, parents in advocacy.

GOAL 1.2.A - To strengthen the Association’s public policy voice.

GOAL 1.2.B - To increase the Association’s voice in the media on charters & public education.

Strategic Outcome # 2: To be the acknowledged leader in facilitating initiatives to enhance the innovation, quality and accountability of charter school leaders.

GOAL 2.1.A – To develop and strengthen the knowledge, understanding and skills set of charter administrators and boards in governance, innovation, quality, and accountability.

GOAL 2.1.B - To increase competent and effective governance of charter schools.

GOAL 2.2.A – To develop and strengthen the knowledge, understanding and skill set of  school administrators in human resource development and management, organizational operations, and the ideals and purpose of chartered schools.

GOAL 2.2.B - To develop and strengthen the knowledge, understanding and skill set of  school administrators in assessing, evaluating, planning, and implementing effective strategies to enhance student achievement and success.

Strategic Outcome #3: To be the trusted agent for charter school information & for connecting people, organizations & resources to strengthen the charter school community.

GOAL 3.1.A – To raise and broaden the consciousness of the charter school community to the ideals and values of chartering to strengthen a sense of community, and common action.

 GOAL 3.1.B - To facilitate an increase the connections, cooperation, sharing, and common action  among school leaders, and with other stakeholders.

GOAL 3.2.A – To strengthen research capacity of the Association to enable more effective communication and dissemination of information about chartering in Minnesota.

 GOAL 3.2B - To broaden and enhance the communication tools and mediums for communicating with boards, school administrators, teachers, and public policy makers.

Semi-annual reports to the Board on Performance Measures for the periods of:

  • July 1- December 31
  • January 1 – June 30
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