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2021-2022 Equity Plan

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Statement: Equity in public education requires that every student is treated with individual dignity and recognizes the individual student’s differentiated needs. An equitable education provides the resources and opportunities for the student to thrive and achieve in fulfilling their individual potential as a learner, citizen, and economic contributor.

 Equity requires that we first, recognize and eliminate historical barriers to equitable educational opportunities. Second, quality public education requires that the structures, policies, and practices be designed in a manner that recognizes a full spectrum of equitable student outcomes, and the fair and just allocation of resources which enable each student to achieve their individual potential.

 Our commitment as an Association is to work to eliminate those historical barriers and ensure that public education creates an equitable ecosystem where every student is provided the resources and opportunities for a quality education.

 Adopted 11/16/2020





  1. Identify/develop criteria and conduct an equity audit of the Association’s operations, policies & procedures
  2. Establish an advisory group to provide advice on the equity audit
  3. Establish a timeline and begin review of all communications, publications from an equity lens
  4. Identify individuals, software and/or for translation and self-captioning services of basic publications and communications of the Association
  5. Focus in-service of MACS Board on equity issues
  6. Recruit individuals from the global majority for election of the MACS board


  1. Increase engagement of the Association in the Teachers of Coalition for passage of the coalition’s legislation
  2. Advocate MDE to provide preference to [Diverse by Design Schools] for Federal CSP grants
  3. Advocate for legislation to provide and document enrollment preference for underrepresented students
  4. Advocate for equitable funding for underrepresented and underserved students
  5. Advocate for equity lens review of contracts between authorizers and charter schools
  6. Advocate for universal access to internet/broadband for all students


  1. Conduct a survey of charter schools on current equity efforts
  2. Share our statement and encourage schools to use it with questions for discussion
  3. Establish an advisory group of diverse individuals to develop support efforts for schools
  4. Explore establishing a Student Forum, and a Teacher Forum on equity issues
  5. Encourage and help schools to conduct equity audits
  6. Sponsor sessions for schools on recruiting diverse student populations and teacher workforce
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