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2021 Charter School Leadership Award | Simon Tyler

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Nominated by the Prairie Creek School Board, Simon has proven a true commitment to the school’s mission and progressive education philosophy. Under his leadership, Prairie Creek fosters a pedagogy that focuses on child-centered exploration and emphasizes a deep connection with nature and the outdoors. He has cultivated collaborative relationships with their authorizer, the Northfield School District, presenting to the district’s elementary teachers on Prairie Creek’s use of the Orton-Gillingham literacy curriculum and even traveled to Myanmar to share Prairie Creek’s progressive education philosophy with educator’s there. As Board Chair Ben Miller says, “I was struck by the excitement and energy of the students and teachers on a March afternoon. Already well into the school year, all of the students were excitedly engaged in personal projects (from kindergartners to fifth graders), studying any topic of their choosing. Student artwork covered the walls, and there was a tangible excitement for learning coming from each classroom that I visited…I wish there were a school like this when I was a kid.”

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